M.A.C Holiday Party

Last Friday, I went with my friend Gen to M.A.C’s holiday party to view their Glamour Daze collection. We were pretty excited at first, because we’d witnessed Sephora’s party at ION a couple of days before and it looked like such amazing fun. When we got to their store at Raffles City Robinsons, there was already a tiny queue outside, so we quickly got in line to register.

All attendees received a voucher for M.A.C’s eyebrow grooming service that’s valid for just over a month, which I thought was pretty nice. The store was jammed with so many girls, Gen and I weren’t able to get our hands on the new collection and stood awkwardly in one corner looking absolutely lost. We weren’t sure what to do, so we walked around the store to try and keep ourselves occupied. At this point, I was feeling a wee bit disappointed with the party because apart from the collection looking lovely and posh, there wasn’t anything else to it. Everyone was trying to get their hands on the new products, and some of the testers were missing from the display because the beauty consultants had taken them to try on other customers.

A while later, our other friend Steph arrived just as we were feeling bored, and we made a beeline through the party to where she was standing. Steph works for M.A.C in their marketing department, which, fortunately for us, meant that we were able to talk to the staff there without having them try to sell us products. After some mingling and cocktail sipping, the crowd had dispersed a little and we were finally able to get a proper view of the collection! It’s holiday themed so there are lots of shimmers and glitter, which I’m not crazy about. However, I really liked the quilted clutches — so pretty! You can even remove the inner container and use it as a clutch on its own for a night out. I wanted to get one for myself, but the only item that I liked in the entire collection was the plum coloured eyeliner, so I didn’t think it was worth spending over $100 just to get that and the clutch.

In the end, we left without buying anything because I didn’t want to wait around to get served, and also because I didn’t want to have to queue to pay. Plus, I’m still contemplating whether to get the brush set that comes in a gorgeous leopard print pouch, so I’ll go to a store when I’ve decided.

On a side note, I love the nails that the model is sporting in the Glamour Daze advertisement. Can’t wait to try it out on my own nails!


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