Lips: What I’m currently loving.

Recently, I added two new lip items to my tiny collection: the MAC lustre in jubilee, and the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus. I have a long list of MAC lipsticks that I’m coveting — jubilee was one of them — so I popped into their store one evening intending to get the ones at the top of my list, which are colour me coral and viva glam V, but ended up getting jubilee instead.

I tend to avoid nude lipsticks because they make me appear completely washed out. One of my friends has even dubbed some MAC nude lipsticks as “dead people’s lipsticks”. Jubilee, however, is a beautiful exception; it is a nude lipstick, but instead of making me look like one of the walking dead, it adds a natural-looking sheer pink beige hue to my lips. I love it so much that even after being told by a friend that it doesn’t make me look any different, I still love it and think that it is the perfect nude lipstick for me.

I got this tinted lip balm because I’d read somewhere that the colour is lovely, and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday. I don’t know if it does a good job in hydrating your lips because the weather in Singapore is very humid, so I don’t have dry lips to begin with. I like that the colour can be built up (in the picture, I only applied one coat), so you can apply several coats to get a more obvious colour. It’s a bit expensive for a lip balm — Sephora Singapore is selling it at $15 — but I’m so pleased with it that I will probably repurchase once this one has finished. I’m also quite curious about the lip balm in tigerlily, so I might try that next!


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