Worst base coat and nail polish combination.

Let me just start off by saying that these two products work fine when used with other brands of nail polishes or base coats, but they are horrible together.

Essence nude glam and Revlon base + top coat

The first time I painted the Essence nude glam in hazelnut cream pie over Revlon’s multi-care base+top coat, I thought the bubbles that appeared on my nails were entirely my fault. Maybe I had applied the coats too thick; maybe I should have waited a while longer for the base coat to dry; maybe between the time I bought the nail polish and the time I got home, the bottle had been shaken too hard whilst I was moving.

My second attempt wasn’t successful either — my nails looked like they had broken out in warts, but I wasn’t about to give up. I tried the nude colour on Sally Hansen’s mega shine top coat (yes I sometimes use top coats as base coats, please don’t judge me), and the bubbles were not as visible as they had been when I used the Revlon base coat. Also, the surface of my nails became smooth after I painted them with the mega shine stop coat! An excellent top coat goes a long way, eh?

essence nude glam

I love how the colour looks on my nails! So pretty and clean. I’ve always preferred bright-coloured nail polish, but it’s nice to have nude nails for a change.


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