Laneige water bank set.


It’s difficult to believe that just a few years ago, I only washed my face with the inexpensive Shiseido perfect whip cleansing foam. Now, my daily skincare routine consists of slightly more than just a cleansing foam, all thanks to my cousin who went absolutely berserk upon learning that I wasn’t moisturising properly, and made me start caring for my skin a bit more. Laneige is a south korean brand that she highly commended, so I let her and their beauty consultant pick a few things out for me.


This Laneige water bank set is part of their holiday collection, which includes a full size and travel size moisture essence, a gel cream, an eye gel, and a multi-cleanser that also removes light makeup.

I have been using the essence and gel cream for years now; my skin used to be pretty dull, but these products have helped to brighten my skin so it doesn’t look dark and tired anymore. I’m a bit sceptical about the eye gel though because it doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on the eye area. The beauty consultant also gave me a bunch of samples to try; it’s one of the things that I love about Laneige, they are very generous with their samples!

I’m going back to London this week to attend my graduation, and the travel sizes are in for a treat because they are coming with me. Got to keep my skin well moisturised in the cool climate!


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