It’s never too hot for a warm cup of tea


Ever since my friend Yuki made me a warm cup of green tea accented with rose buds, I fell in love with this simple blend of light flavours. Yuki blended different types of teas for me to try and warm up during the cold days in London — which was pretty much every single day, even in the summer! — but this one is by far my favourite.

It’s nearly 30 degrees celcius now in Singapore, but I’m terrified of the cold so I never find the weather too hot for a steaming cup of tea. I took a leaf out of Yuki’s book and popped a few French rose buds into my tea for a throwback in time to when we were both struggling with intense deadlines. It’s impossible to recreate the exact taste of the tea Yuki made me, but it was close enough. She used high-grade green tea that her dad sent her from China, and also used Chinese red rose buds instead of the French ones I have. French rose buds are paler in colour and give a stronger aromatic taste, but both types are good for a cup of refreshing tea.

As for the green tea I used, a few of my close friends, knowing that I like tea, bought me a box from Crabtree & Evelyn for my birthday a while ago. I’ve always associated this brand with luscious hand creams, delicious cookies and gorgeous scented candles (they also bought me a lovely pomegranate scented candle from there), so I was very pleased to find that their tea is heavenly as well!

All this talk about tea has jogged another memory of Angela and me smelling and tasting different flavours in a Whittard shop (I think we went to the one at Covent Garden). We were so determined to try every type of tea they put out that we even waited for them to refill the flasks that were empty so we could try them! I’m pretty sure we tasted a chocolate-flavoured one and didn’t like it at all. I mean, chocolate tea? That’s just weird…


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