Charmed senseless by the wonderful Lake District

Nothing pleases me more than getting on a plane and flying out of Singapore to a better place. Living in the compact city can be a bit stifling, and the heat and humidity constantly wear me down. I often yearn to escape to somewhere more quaint and quiet, and where better to experience all that than the Lake District?


We rented bikes from a shop right next to Windermere station, and armed with helmets, a bike pump and a map, we set off to explore. I was quite nervous about riding on the road because I was worried about getting hit by a car, but those feelings were soon quelled by the sight of the glorious countryside.


Isn’t the English countryside just wonderful? I never tire of its lovely cottages, rolling hills, and hordes of sheep that stare at you with unblinking eyes if you get close to them, as if daring you to take another step closer. I am also always amazed by how friendly its people are — nearly everyone we cycled past greeted us with a kind smile that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside despite the cold weather (so cliche but true story!).

After a short lunch break at Hawkshead, we began riding back to Windermere. I was pretty worn out by then so we took a shortcut through Bowness and stopped for some homemade ice cream by the pier, which is a great place to sit and people-watch.


On the third day, we took a bus to Ambleside because we found a nice walk on this website that starts from there. It was really foggy that day but the views were stunning nonetheless. If you were to ask me which part of the walk was my favourite, I simply wouldn’t be able to choose because every second of it was incredible. The time of the walk was estimated to be two hours and 55 minutes, but I was so engrossed in taking in the views and snapping photos that we ended up taking much longer than that.


Our four days at the Lake District literally ended on a wet note as it had rained non-stop on our last day there. My physiotherapist, who is English, told me that the Lake District is one of those places that makes you want to go back again and again, and I have to agree because I am already counting down to my next visit.


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